The Path to Nerdvana

Geek. Nerd. At some point in the past 30 or so years, the words went from being cutting insults, to a badge of honor for obsessing about something. MusicGeeks. Foodies. Fangirls. SportsGeeks. Anything that trips your trigger, in other words, whatever it is you geek out about.

This site casts a pretty wide net across those interests. These are the things I geek out about. As you can see, there’s a lot.

Because I am passionate about these things, I will always do my best to provide the most accurate, informed, substantive information here. If I recommend a product, know that I own it and have used it extensively. I rarely ever buy anything without doing a lot of research to find it. If I recommend a game, I’ve played it. Movies? TV shows? Music? Saw. Watched. Heard.

Eventually, I hope other gurus will join me and lend their impassioned voices, their unique perspectives to this site. Polyvocality is very post-capitalist.

I hope you find things here that are useful, fun, important, goofy, inspirational, infuriating, enlightening. Whatever roads your personal journeys are following, they will ultimately converge on the Path to Nerdvana.

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